Some of the reasons you and your family or Business should consider Cardiffair Natural Cooling.

Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems:

Because natural air flow is considered to be more healthy” – Mr Harmer (Currumbin Waters, Qld)

“Concerned about moisture of evaporative systems and its appropriateness in a humid climate” – Mr Towell (Beachmere, Qld)

“It is a more natural system than air conditioning” – Mr Heron (Virginia, Qld)

“Circulation of natural air and cheaper on-going costs ie cost of running unit” – Ms Caught (Leanyer, N.T.)

“We didn’t really like air conditioning as my Wife is an asthmatic” – Mr Roberts (Sandstone Point, Qld)

“Experience with the system in the home of a friend” – Mr Kerr (Mooloolaba, Qld)

“To have fresh air through the house, NOT recycled air” – Mr Gracie (Ormeau, Qld)

“Son had one installed for approximately 10 years” – Mrs Arkell (Maroochydore, Qld)

“Good reputation – been around for a long time” – Mr Donelly (Enoggera, Qld)

“Natural, no sneezing, able to control temp. easier, looks better” – Mr Walker (Maroochydore, Qld)

“Low running costs, fresh ventilation” – Mr Key (Scarness, Qld)

“Recommended by a friend who had one installed in his last two homes – the family wouldn’t have any other method of cooling” – Ms Prime (Cardwell, Qld)

“Convinced it is best value for money and trouble free” – Mr Sadik (Gaven, Qld)

“We wanted a natural air cooling system – no side effects” – Mr & Mrs Meiers (Marburg, Qld)

“Cost of running and being able to open windows and doors” – Mr Heathwood (Redbank, Qld)

“Parents house has had one for 20 years and has been very good” – Mr Calligaro (Ayr, Qld)

Wanted a system to cool all of house at cost I could afford – capital and running costs.  An engineering friend recommended Cardiffair” – Mr Cleary (McGregor, Qld)

“Reputation” – Mr Corrie (Kenmore, Qld)

“Because of natural fresh air cooling” – Mr Braisher (Woodridge, Qld)

“1. Economy, 2. Efficiency” – Mr Chapple (Cooroy, Qld)

“My wife claims air conditioning adversely affects her facial skin whereas my son’s wife found Cardiffair quite satisfactory to her” – Mr Dewar (Mansfield, Qld)


These and many other comments came directly from those who now have a Cardiffair System in their homes.  Always remember, Cardiffair is the fresh, cool, natural, healthy alternative to air conditioning.

Don’t lock it up… leave it open and live it up!


Cardiffair Service Department:

” I was very happy with your service technician and his professional manner. He arrived on time, serviced our unit and offered lots of information.” J Wight (Sheldon, Qld)


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