Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems are designed to fit all styles of homes. As we all know every home is different so the Natural Cooling Systems are designed to meet those individual natural cooling needs.


Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems have been installed in a wide variety of commercial applications. Do your customers feel the heat when they walk into your shop or café?



Cardiffair is the expert when it comes to naturally cooling large open plan designed sheds and industrial buildings. Remove fumes, odours, smoke or harmful industry vapours.


Natural Home Cooling Fan

Cardiffair puts the cool into your home, takes care of your home fresh air requirements the easy way with a continuous breeze … That’s what Cardiffair does best… An Air Conditioning Alternative – Cardiffair’s a natural cooling ceiling fan, imitating nature by making its own breeze …. and in a shaded situation (inside your home), prevents the build up of heat in the rooms and roof space because the moving air gathers up the heat and smells and transports them out into the atmosphere.