“Purchasing a Cardiffair Natural Cooling System is a sound investment, with unlimited potential in an energy conscious world, Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems will keep you naturally cool all summer long”



Cardiffair is the expert when it comes to naturally cooling large open plan designed sheds and industrial buildings. Fumes, odours, smoke or harmful industry vapours are easily removed by installing a Cardiffair Natural Cooling System.

Whether your premises needs only one or several Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems, they can be turned on of off with the single push of a button or turn of a switch. Cardiffair also specialises in induction units. These units are most advantageous when the location of the premises isn’t able to capture the cross flow breezes.

Why Air Control is Necessary

Cardiffair is so simple, so essential to comfort, so natural .. it becomes an absolute necessity to free your premises of hot air, fumes and provide complete air changes. Not only do we establish comfortable working conditions for your staff, Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems also satisfy stringent factory requirements where volume air control is required at an economical cost.

Is your Productivity Dropping in the Summer?

Something to think about: When temperatures soar the productivity of employees drops. A Cardiffair Natural Cooling System represents “productivity” to the business owner. It is interesting to note staff comfort is one issue not addressed by many companies, but this would have to cost thousand of dollars each year to your business. If you combine reduced productivity, errors and staff absenteeism, then apply a conservative cost analysis of only $1 per person, per hour, per day over 250 working days per year, the results are astonishing:
Over 250 working days

  • 10 people @ $1 p/Hour p/8-Hour Day = $ 80/day = $20,000/year
  • 50 people @ $1 p/Hour p/8-Hour Day = $400/day = $100,000/year
  • 125 people @ $1 p/Hour p/8-Hour Day =$1,000/day = $250,000/year

What if the costs were more than $1.00?

Ceiling Fans

Large “Big” Industrial ceiling fans and large industrial pedestal fans, whilst they move the air, only push around hot air. If you are not in that area, where they are, you don’t receive a benefit. However, if there are already Large “Big” Industrial ceiling fans in use, they can continue to be used at low speed to enhance the effectiveness of a Cardiffair Natural Cooling System.

Large Commercial Roof Ventilators

These wind turbines can provide some heat relief but what if there is no wind outside? They’ll provide very little relief to the inside of your building.

If your Company has any of the Following Problems, we may just have the answer:

Heat Build Up Odours Staff Comfort Generated Smoke Fumes
Body Heat Moisture Body Odours Steam Dust
Lint Powder Grain Dust Fluff Bristle

Your building dimensions and available openings will be taken into account when determining the various types of installations (vertical or horizontal) … in roof mounted canopies (both discharge and induction), through walls (with security screens if appropriate), with motors (single phase and three phase) to suit. All our canopies are manufactured to suit your roof profile. Our fan units are made from 1.6mm galvanised steel and can stay that way as “mill finish” or can be powdercoated.  We also can provide our Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems in stainless steel.

How it Works

Call today and arrange for us to visit you and assess your workplace – it costs you nothing for a site inspection and quotation for a system based on your needs.

If you would like one of our Natural Cooling and Ventilation Experts to come out and discuss your natural cooling needs and provide you with a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE. Then please call us today on 1800 800 943 or Contact us.


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