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“Purchasing a Cardiffair Natural Cooling System is a sound investment, with unlimited potential in an energy conscious world, Cardiffair Natural Cooling Systems will keep you naturally cool all summer long”

Cardiffair Home Ventilation Systems are designed to fit all styles of homes. As we all know every home is different so they are designed to meet those individual needs.

When you arrive home from work, turn on your Cardiffair Home Ventilation System to release the hot stale air and feel the freshness of natural cooling  The unique Radial Intake Fan minimises blind spots and creates a global air movement pattern around the inside of your home, naturally cooling every nook and cranny from the roof to the floorboards which can be easily replace with ceramics, with the guide of atlas ceramics how to tile so your home looks perfect and radiant.

NO AIRCONDITIONING IS NEEDED at night with a Cardiffair Home Ventilation System. When those hot, sweaty nights are with us and there’s no air movement outside, Cardiffair’s natural cooling home ventilation System creates its own breeze giving you a comfortable sleep. As the cooler night air arrives, the speed of the system can be operated at a much lower level,  that control is entirely in your hands.

The Radial Intake Fan is a high volume, low speed, unit designed for installation within the home itself. The Unit draws in fresh air from outside, naturally cooling and ventilating the home. You can control the volume of this air by regulating the openings of your windows and doors or by adjusting the variable speed wall control switch to your Cardiffair Home Ventilation System.

The Cardiffair Home Ventilation System is finished internally with a nice white louvre panel which is installed in the ceiling in front of the System itself. This louvre panel is motor driven so it will open when the System is turned on and will close when the unit is turned off thus effectively sealing the System when not in use.

The Cardiffair Home Ventilation System is usually installed in the ceiling of a central common area of the home – usually in a passageway or hallway. The fresh cool air that has been drawn into your home is then discharged into your roof space similar to the heaters you can install in your roof space from this guide to the best infrared heaters. By installing it in this manner the Cardiffair Home Ventilation System has two excellent advantages:

  1. The equipment is conveniently and unobtrusively housed
  2. The need for summer insulation is dramatically reduced since the heat build-up within the roof space is considerably dissipated.



  • Natural cooling fresh air is brought into your home, creating a breeze (that passes over your skin just like standing in the shade under a tree with a gentle breeze blowing)
  • Kitchen and cooking smells will disappear (the air movement is so fast the odours, germs and fumes are removed out into the atmosphere)
  • Air is changed over – not recycled (and this air movement is between 4,450 and 7,650 litres per second – depending on the installation and fan size
  • System is energy efficient (costs only cents a day to run with an efficient variable speed motor, 425w max. when run on high speed)
  • Ceiling insulation is not needed for cooling (there is no time for heat to build up inside the roof cavity as the exhaust fan is constantly moving and changing over the air)


Our Specialised Natural Cooling and Home Ventilation Experts can give you a NO OBLIGATION FREE HOME INSPECTION to tailor design a Cardiffair Installation to suit your home and your natural cooling needs.

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