August 23rd, 2012


Cardiffair Natural Cooling and Ventilation

Being able to understand the difference between the right and wrong type of system is very important. Cooling or ventilating your home or building is a serious investment.

There is only one barrier preventing the Cardiffair Natural Cooling and Ventilation System from ever receiving the ultimate recognition it so rightly deserves and that’s scepticism. How is it possible for one product to achieve so much?

Sceptics would have you believe that our product is basically just a fan that draws high volumes of air. Basically it is a fan and yes it does draw VERY  high volumes of air, but it is far from being just a fan. When you have the ability and expertise to take that basic product and create another so far advanced and so far ahead of its time, then that’s called innovation.

Innovation will be a part of our lives for millions of years to come. We will never stop looking for ways to improve the way we live. Are cars, planes or even lawn mowers the same today as they were when they were first invented? Of course not, innovation in design and technology has allowed us to improve each of these products to the best of our ability at this point in time. Although they have been improved many times over each one of these products have always had one very important component that is vital for their operation – a fan type cooling system. We must also understand that all fan systems are not the same.

This same concept applies to the Cardiffair System. The fan itself is a very important part of the overall product and is also vital to our existence. Innovation, design skills, creativity and dedication have enabled us to offer the market a complete product capable of solving a major problem that occurs in all types of building applications – Heat build up. Being able to create a comfortable, natural, indoor environment and knowing the difference between the right and wrong type of system suitable to your needs is vital to your investment.

Why is Cardiffair so unique?

Most fans available on the market are axial flow. This means that they draw air into a building in a direct line from a window or door aperture straight to the fan. This creates hot spots in areas that the air can’t reach. Cardiffair’s unique Radial Intake Fan  enables the system to draw larger volumes of air into a building and forces some of that air across the floor, up the walls, and over the ceilings/roof line before being expelled through the fan system itself. In doing so the air gets into every nook and cranny of the home or building. Hot spots are eliminated as well as removing all of the heat build up, dust, odours, smoke, fumes, and any other airborne material. Cardiffair creates a Fresh, Cool, Healthier, Natural environment for all concerned.

The benefits of Radial Intake Systems don’t end there, especially in a domestic environment. Most homes (depending on the weather) will maintain heat long into the night, preventing a comfortable nights’ sleep. The Cardiffair Radial Intake Fan System creates airflow over the walls, floors, and ceilings throughout the home while also reducing the radiated heat from the objects inside the home and the materials that the home is constructed from.

Cardiffair will also guarantee that if your home has Cardiffair installed, then you will never have another sleepless night through heat again. Other Cardiffair benefits are Energy Efficiency (low running costs), low maintenance and a life expectancy of up to and over thirty five years! If maintained in the appropriate way this makes Cardiffair one very unique system.

In the ever growing competitive market you must be aware of cheap copies or inferior imported fans claiming to offer the same results and benefits as Cardiffair’s. Cardiffair is the Original Natural Cooling System, created, designed and developed in Queensland way back in 1969 and first introduced into the market place 1971. So if it doesn’t carry the Cardiffair name, it won’t perform the same.

“Remember the name Cardiffair and if it’s not it won’t!”

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