Cardiff Air’s Rental Division is now up and running, please check out our prices below or call us on 07 3390 3562 for further information we are also experts on split system air conditioning since we work with Direct Electrics on it, we can also give you information on an 80 Gallon air compressor if you’d like.

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Cardiff Air Mobile Unit (Red) Cardiff Air Mobile Unit (Blue)


Overnight Rental:        $63.00+GST        ⇨ 4:30pm to 8:30am
24 Hours Rental:          $78.00+GST       ⇨ 8:30am to 8:30am
Weekly Rental:           $274.00+GST       ⇨ Mon 8:30am to Mon 8:30am
2 Weeks Rental:         $493.00+GST       ⇨ Receive 10% discount on 2x Weekly hires
(ie: 2x $274 – 10% = $493.00)
4 Weeks Rental:         $965.00+GST       ⇨ Recieve 12% discount on 4x Weekly hires
(ie: 4x $274 – 12% = $965.00)

Bond on Rentals:         $200.00               Bond will be refunded when unit is returned in good condition.

Delivery & Pickup Charge (if customer cannot transport units):
Within 30km of Coorparoo Office          $45.00+GST
30+ km of Coorparoo Office                $80.00+GST

Late Fees:
2hours late                               25% charge of hire
4+ hours                                  $63.00+GST

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